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Well this is how it all happened, i (Spanky) went to school wit Yams, and Mike.(oasis) we all just started hangin' out and soon discovered we all had a love for music, mostly the same kind, weird shit. So we decided we wanted to try and start a band together, as inexpirienced as we were, just for fun. I also knew a drummer (Lou) which i would jam with sometimes, but he was in a band though. (which he shorlty left because it really was not working out, so him and i would get together and play sometimes..

Yams and I began to write our own music and slowly started getting better at this stuff. We still didn't have a singer, but luckily a few months later we all went to a p4p show over at the the Edge, and we were given a ride by one of Mike's friend's (Oscar). Yams noticed he had a notebook in his truck which simply read "Lyrics" Oscar explained that he used to sing in a band, but they went their seperate ways. Yams informed Oscar on how we were trying to form a band ourselves, and needed a singer so Oscar agreed and we quickly went to work. The only thing we were missing to be a complete band was a drummer, so I gave Lou a call. We showed him some songs we had made and he dug them, so we began to play.

At this point we started experiencing some problems. Mike really wasn't into the band as much as we all were so he left. We needed another guitarist. This is where ce-low comes into play, a couple of yrs before i used to play a bit of drums and guitar fer this girly band called pepperanne, he went to skool with the grrls and that is how I met him. He would always check us out whenever he'd get the chance. Ce-low and I lost touch, for awhile, but about a year later he was in a band called Clark Nova which I just happened to see them playing at Cheers, we talked and I told him about the soup, he wanted to check us out, so he did and liked. A few weeks later we booked some shows with Clark Nova and it was great,then it happened, which I really still don't know what it was.. Clark Nova broke up. Ce-low had overheard our guitarist had left, so he figured he'd grab a guitar and help us out, being a bassist he knew he could do it, cause it was just two more strings he had to work with. Everything was back on track.

Shortly after we all really felt that the vocals weren't really going that well, things weren't flowing the opposite direction we were, so we had to let Oscar go. We were left without a singer for awhile but Ce-low and I decided to take over the vocals ourselves, eventhough we had never sang before, and se what would happen. A couple of months later our friend Buyon said that he wanted to try and help us out with some vocals, so he did and we fukin rawked this battle of the bands at a local high school, but after that he decided it really wasn't his thing, so it was back to just spanx and ce-low singing, wit yams doin those cwazy backup screams!

From here on everything was really cool for awhile we wrote some of our stronger and funner songs such as "Man at the point of...", "43", and "Kabookee Jones"... but sometime later we started goin downhill. Everything from that point on started feeling akward, we just weren't really playing as much because ce-low, yams and i were loosing the feeling... the songs started becoming flat so we spent time discussing it till we pinpointed out what we thought the problem was. We really weren't happy with the drumming as far as creation. We felt as we were being held back musically so we decided it was then time we parted with lou. A good friend of the band only known by the name of "Chief Wiggums" is goin to help us out for now with our upcoming shows and possibly summer tour, till we find someone which will permanently fill the position. We felt this decision would make the band stronger in the future eventhough we seem to be weaker at the moment. We are still searching for a drummer.

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