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Band Members.

Spanx, Celow, j, & Yams are 4 fellers from Miami.
These guys love music and enjoy playing it very much, with
all their skillz combound they make up the.. mushroomsoup.

We all enjoy many diffrent styles of music, so we'll give you
a short rundown of some influences, not neccesarily bands that
we sound like, but bands or musicians that have inspired us
in any way to create... what we have and what we still do.

Ok, theres sunny day real estate, texas is the reason, jawbox,
quicksand, helmet, rage, snot, incubus, korn, limp bizkit, far,
deftones, (hED) pe, primus, tool, Sonic Youth, sebadoh, tori, &
more. We are also inspired by friends, and friends in other local
bands, but you'd have to go to our links to see who they are...

Come check out each man behind the myth...