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we need your help, please!!!

Would you like to hear mS on the radio? Well we know we really would!
There are a few ways you can help us out, and it would make a big diffrence.
First off you can mail kimba, and surely let her know that
she doesn't play no where near as much of the soup as she really should!
You can also call in and request us sunday nights on 94.9 ZETA, when
she hosts the local show. The toll-free number is 1-800-749-9490.

The next best thing you can do is also request us basically anytime on 90.5 WVUM,
but the local show for them is also on sunday nights, so just call in a bunch of times as well!
The number for WVUM is 305-284-5786, but if busy try 305-284-5787....

The song you'd want to request is called Kabookee Jones.
Keep in mind this song is from our old demo, and we should be recording
some new material real soon. We are really excited about the new songs, and
are even more excited to play them for you as soon as we get them done. There
you go now you know, that IS half the battle you know.. I really hope we can start
some sort of a buzz on the south florida air-waves, so pleaseeeeeeee help us do that.

thank you, deep down from my bagel-lookin' belly.

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