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whats coming up?

ray digfer

The Second Annual Crossover Fest
featuring the likes of great bands from florida such as
Lost, Downinside, Blindsyde, Order By Chaos, Nonpoint,
Local Porn Star, Gonemad, Puddin' Hogs and Endo.. plus!
these 2 great out of towners. (make them feel very welcome)
Eastcide (from mass.) and Six Cents (from penn.)
This is not a show to miss. Doors at 11:00am.
10$, or 8$ wit official flyer.
*We will be opening tha show, so if you
want to see us you know what to do*
This will be the very 1st show in a new place
known as Phantasy Land. (10908 sw 188st)
for more info call 305-254-5080,
or e-mail

for more info on the show go to:

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